Warning: These blogs explain and describe real life events and provide detailed graphic descriptions of violence, self-harm, alcohol abuse, adult language, sexual references, and suicide attempts that may distress some readers. (Including photographic and audio recordings).

If you suffer from mental health, please consider asking someone who doesn’t to read the blogs before you do to ensure there aren’t any triggers which may cause an episode.

Blog 14, Part 23b and Part 23c may cause severe distress to some readers.

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To start with, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Bran, a 20 year old male from the West Midlands.

I was bullied from a young age, and grew up with all the warning signs being ignored, the first time I ever said I said how I felt, I was told to ‘not tell anyone’ in secondary school when saying I felt suicidal caused a student to feel upset (blog 7)

What happens when you have even a minor episode and the people closest to you witness the devastation you leave in your wake when mental health hits the hardest?

In these blogs I’ll briefly outline my opinions, but also share my life with you to put you in my shoes if you don’t have any known mental health, to help you get an idea of how BPD, depression, PTSD, and anxiety, all form an explosive and potentially fatal recipe when they collide.

I’ve created this website to help raise awareness of the impact it can have on lives, using my own personal life to describe and evaluate the events leading to my diagnosis. Whether I’m seen as a disappointment, or seen differently to everyone else, I’m not particularly bothered, I’m not ashamed of who I am, and I want to give others out there the opportunity to relate to my life and know they’re not alone, as well as gain the courage to be proud of who they are and share their stories despite the stigma surrounding mental health. It also provides people who don’t have mental health the opportunity to learn the warning signs, how to help someone in a crisis, and to gain an idea of what life can be life for patients.

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Have a story you’d like me to share? Send it to me here https://lifeofbran.com/share/

Concerned about someone you know? Find out how to help them here https://lifeofbran.com/how-to-help-someone/

I hope my blogs have a positive impact and help to raise awareness.

A lot of people, including the last consultant I was assessed by, have asked me why I have a website where I share my entire life with the world. There’s one sole reason: To raise awareness. It’s not for money, because in over a year I’ve been credited with just $3.09 from advertisement clicks, so let’s make sure none of you think I’m using mental health as a way to fame or wealth.